A Holistic Approach to Better Sleep

In 2020, Jot Saroop Sandhu used his father's technology to start empwrMD and create a sleep aid like no other with one mission in mind—to help the world sleep better, naturally. This is why we choose to use only the most pure, plant-based ingredients in our gummies. Before being processed, we test every raw ingredient, then we check for impurities throughout production to maintain strength and composition and ensure that our gummies remain consistent and effective.

Quality Sleep Can Improve Mental Health

Research shows a strong connection between sleep and mental health. While both are complex issues that can be impacted by a multitude of factors, sufficient and healthy sleep can help promote better mental and emotional health. Sleep helps us maintain our cognitive skills such as better thinking, learning, and memory while also enhancing our well-being through better mood, increased productivity, and an improved ability to process stress.

Other Brands

Create dependency on sleep aids
Overload your system with melatonin
Cause morning grogginess, brain fog, etc.
Unnatural ingredients to “knock you out”

empwrMD Sleep Aid Gummies

Truly non-habit forming sleep aid
Low dosage of melatonin with high absorption rate
Doesn’t cause grogginess or brain fog. Wake up refreshed!
All natural, plant-based ingredients

Meet the Team

Dr Mewa Singh

Dr. Singh, an innovation leader in the pharmaceutical industry who started 4 pharmaceutical companies, has over 30 years of education and experience with Ayurvedic medicine, nanomedicine, and nutraceuticals. He invented the patented technology behind empwrMD’s water-soluble products.

Jot Saroop Singh

A J.D. candidate at the Delaware Law School, Jot founded empwrMD after seeing the positive, life-changing effects his father’s (Dr. Singh) technology & products had on fellow students. His goal is to provide new products that promote true health through clean, non-habit forming ingredients.

Shubdeep Kaur

Shubdeep Kaur, an MBA candidate, co-founded empwrMD with Jot after using Dr. Singh’s products to help her chronic sleep problems. Experiencing the exceptional quality and lack of side effects, she learned about the science behind the products and joined Jot’s mission to help bring better health and sleep to all.

Simple, clean, and rooted in science*


We use herbal extracts like kava-kava, nutmeg, chamomile and lemon balm that have naturally calming properties to help you relax and ease into a restful sleep


What goes into your body can greatly affect your sleep cycle, so all of our ingredients are plant-based, contain no gluten, and are GMO-free.


Our gummies are 5-10x more absorbent, so we can put lower doses of melatonin in them, avoiding the negative side effects that usually come with sleep aids.


Each raw ingredient is checked 3x for impurities, and our entire process is monitored to ensure consistency in size and dosage.

Better Sleep Starts Now

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