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Your go-to nightly bedtime-bites that work with your body to naturally reset your sleep cycle in just a couple of weeks.

Your go-to nightly bedtime-bites that work with your body to naturally reset your sleep cycle in just a couple of weeks.

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Achieve Faster
and Deeper Sleep

HOW: Kava and Valerian Root naturally help with GABA production in the body to aid in healthy and deep sleep.

Helps Calm the nerves and
reduce feelings of anxiety

HOW: Lemon Balm, Chamomile and Passionflower stabilize mood and promote relaxation which can be beneficial for those who struggle with anxiety or stress.

Helps to Relieve stress
and calm the mind

HOW: L-Theanine and Nutmeg encourage calmness so you can hush those voices in your head and drift off into soothing sleep.

Patented Ultra
Micronization of Herbs

HOW: Ultra-Micronization is a fancy word for reduced particle size, meaning the active ingredients in our sleep-aids are more easily absorbed to deliver fast relief.


Midnight Chews

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our good sleep promise


our good sleep promise



If empwrMD isn't for you, we make refunds and returns quick, easy, and free to initiate. To contact us, email

We formulated empwrMD sleep supplements with the sincere hope that it's useful and solves sleep problems for all of our customers. But we also realize everyone's bio-chemistry is different, if the product is not working for you, we will gladly refund your first purchase within 30 days after you’ve received it.

95% of our customers recommend you try our sleep formulation

"I love how they don't just depend on Melatonin like 99% of the other sleep products"
Jessica W.
"I tried their bundle for three months and today I do not use any sleep aids"
Shere S.
Additional info
"I took the gummies for 1 full month and results were great. It was a little inconsistent for the first 2 weeks but afterwards I would get perfect sleep every single time"
Rachel G.

For Our Curious Readers

✔ You have trouble relaxing before bed
✔ You struggle to stay asleep at night
✔ You feel groggy when you wake up
✔ You experience daytime fatigue

Midnight Chew aids in falling asleep & staying asleep, specifically made for the nights when you need an extra boost to go to bed. You’ll notice improved sleep quality, but it doesn’t end there, additional benefits are enhanced mood, improved memory and cognitive function, while decreasing oxidative stress.

This is a herbal supplement (which contains 8 naturally sourced herbs). The gummies do not taste like cotton candy. That is not to say the gummies don't taste good. They are naturally sweet and perfectly chewy, our sleep aid gummies have no artificial sweeteners & come in our flagship flavor: Soothing Strawberry. Falling asleep never tasted so good.

Regulating and supporting your natural sleep cycle so that one day you don’t need to rely on any sleep aids is what's important for the long term. While many people feel a difference immediately, some don’t notice a significant difference the first couple days, but trust that empwrMD is hard at work and keep taking daily. It’s what’s happening inside that counts. You should give your body 2 weeks to adjust to the new ingredients!

We suggest starting with 1 gummy. If 1 gummy didn't do the trick - increase the dose to 2 gummies all together. Most of our subscribers take 2 gummies all together.

We go above and beyond, and when we say transparency, we mean it. Each batch of our sleep supplement is tested for identity, purity, strength, and composition, so we can be sure that what’s on the label is what’s in the supplement. We also use a third party lab to test for heavy metals, microbes, allergens, and other contaminants, helping to ensure our products are compliant within current guidelines and regulations.

No confusing supplement aisles or forgetting refills. That's why we created empwrMD subscription program. EmpwrMD is conveniently delivered to you every month. We’ll send you an email each month, a few days before we charge you and ship your next bottle. You’re free to rush or delay an order, or cancel your subscription at any time, right from your account page. You’re in control.

Yes! Our Sleep Aids are non-habit-forming, all-natural, and totally plant-based. They’re also gluten-free and vegan certified and contain no GMOs, plus they’re 3x tested to ensure they remain 100% pure and non-toxic throughout the production process. If you are pregnant, we suggest consulting with your doctor or physician before making any changes to your diet while pregnant.